Tributes (Printable)

"Unlike others, Ophra Yerushalmi does not present a chronological biographical narrative and employs no actors whatever. With many musical examples, she is in dialogue with people in several countries who have been profoundly affected by Chopin. The result is a cinematic collage which, I believe, brings new insights into the phenomenon of Chopin and will appeal to musicians and non-musicians alike."
Pavlina Dokovska, Chair, Piano Department, Mannes College of Music

"Ophra Yerushalmi has produced a very fine documentary film on Chopin and his Music. She is a superb pianist who has led her audience to a discovery of complex feelings and ideas of the past through the eyes of creative artists and thinkers of the present. Ms. Yerushalmi has shed light on one of the greatest marvels of human existence, music."
John Eaton, Composer

"I am privileged to endorse Chopin's Afterlife, a documentary film conceived by Ophra Yerushalmi. Ms Yerushalmi is a concert pianist whose original programs, linking music literature and history, have electrified concert-goers over the years. She is also the great-granddaughter of the Chief Rabbi of Warsaw, who was as well, among the first Jewish members of the Polish Parliament. She wishes to wrest Chopin out of myth and legend, into the fiery intimacy and truthfulness that a dedicated pianist can evoke, with a story telling camera as invisible witness."
Cynthia Ozick, Writer

"A unique documentary film. Ms. Yerushalmi has made a truly wonderful presentation: to study, through Chopin’s music, the life and afterlife of the maestro, whose work she greatly admires and has played in many public concerts in this country and abroad. There was a general consensus that it opens up genuinely new perspectives on the genre and that she is uniquely qualified to undertake it."
Volker Berghahn, Seth Low Professor of History, Columbia University

"I find your documentary fascinating work, full of knowledge, sensitivity and personal touch. It revealed to us pianists, how alive and relevant Chopin still is. Having known your previous projects, of interdisciplinary concerts, to which I had the pleasure to listen at Lincoln Center, The Miller Theatre, and other prestigious venues, I was pleased to see that the qualities that characterized your work hitherto were beautifully transformed into the audio-visual media."
Tomer Lev, Director, School of Music, Tel Aviv University

“Ophra Yerushalmi’s engaging and lovingly crafted film Chopin’s afterlife illuminates the profound influence of this great master, and opens our eyes to the long shadow he casts on music past, present and future.”
Christopher Tellefsen, Film Editor (Changing Lanes, Capote)