The Film (Printable)

Chopin's afterlife is a documentary that focuses on the phenomenon of Frederic Chopin through the lens of a concert pianist. Rather than a biography- though it touches on the element of exile and the liaison with George Sand - the film is an attempt to understand Chopin's everlasting power to this very day through his music, concentrating most especially on his unique relationship with the piano and the piano alone.

Pianist Ophra Yerushalmi, for whom Chopin has been a source of constant renewal, is joined by others - musicians and non-musicians - equally impacted by Chopin. They are young and old, masters and students. They come from many countries, speaking different languages.

Together they investigate the many layers of meanings masked by the seeming simplicity of the music and its sheer beauty.

The film aims to reveal that Chopin's music is not what it seems, that he has been an inspiration to many.

Searching for Chopin by showing the participants within the context of their own work, "Chopin's Afterlife" opens a variety of ways of confronting Chopin in our contemporary world, so different from Chopin's own.